Bespoke application design for PC and Mac

Our diverse coding skills offer unmatched flexibility.

At Bradford Software Development we aim to bring your ideas to technical fruition by employing best practices at every stage of the process.

Our software developers are able to code in a wide variety of today’s top languages including the following: C, Java, Objective-C, C++, C#, PHP, (Visual) Basic, Python, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, Delphi / Object Pascal, Lisp, Transact-SQL, and Visual Basic .NET. We can help you choose which language is most suited to your desired application.

The process:

First of all we will discuss your requirements. There is no hard sell involved and, should you require one, a non-disclosure agreement can be signed to protect your ideas. In close communication with your company, a design and specification document will be produced. When you are happy with that, work on a prototype for look and feel and a few basic functions will go ahead.

Once you are happy with the look and feel of the prototype we will work on adding functionality, keeping you up to date on progress weekly, and giving you a chance to test the application as it develops.

Of course we work hard to deliver each client’s design as specified, but like most IT projects, as the application becomes increasingly operational, the client will gain more insight into what is possible and changes to the specification may be negotiated. This is a tricky area contractually, but we pride ourselves in our flexible approach and ability to deliver applications with which our clients are truly satisfied. We are not the kind of company that will hide away for six months only to deliver something that is contractually perfect but which simply isn’t up to the job.

After this phase of iterative development and testing, as soon as you are happy with the functionality, we will formally deliver the application and sign it off. However, our commitment to you as a client does not end there. A period of developmental support will follow and we will look after the application as you go live. Following that, should you wish, we can offer an on-going development and support contract at a very competitive rate.

Contact us:

Why not pick up the phone and call Bradford Software Development now or email us using the contact form. You can also check out our blog on this site, and we are on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We look forward to hearing from you.